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Welcome to TOP Indoor Stage Yokohama Welcome to TOP Indoor Stage Yokohama

Greetings from General Manager Nakajima

We opened a VIP Indoor Tennis School in 1975, which was the first indoor tennis school in Japan. We wanted more people to enjoy tennis, and started tennis school business. We would love to provide a compilation of our history here in Yokohama.
Tennis is one of the most amazing sports that you can enjoy, no matter how old you are or where you're from. Our mission is to teach our customers all the benefits this incredible sport has to offer as simple as possible. Meeting friends, hitting balls, getting sweaty, coming to our school, and feeling accomplished are just some of the countless joyful aspects in joining our community. All you have to do is take the first step and get yourself on the court. Leave the rest up to us. Let's get started!

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TOP Indoor Stage Yokohama

  • There is a parking lot next to our facilities

AC/Heater, Comfortable temperature all day

  • Protection from rain/wind/UV
  • Brand-new LED lights
  • Low-impact carpet courts

Beginners-only court

  • A half-court for learning form
  • Easy and comfortable environment for beginners

Free shoes / racket rentals

  • No needs to bring equipment
  • Join a class right away using our rental equipment

Tennis equipment

  • The latest tennis products/goods for sale
  • Racket stringing available
  • Special deals for members

Free kids' room

  • Day-care service offered by certified staff
  • Reliable service for parents
  • Available for children 6-months to 6-years old (pre-school aged children), reservations required

Front desk

  • Detailed tour by courteous receptionists
  • Please feel free to visit and check out our facility


  • Bright lobby just like a resort area
  • Great space for relaxing with friends while watching lessons

Locker / shower rooms

  • Free lockers/shower rooms
  • Makeup booth available

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  • Regular class

    • Beginner to advanced
    • Flexible schedule available
    • Improve your skills while having fun
  • Formation class

    • Mainly game practice focused on formation strategies for doubles
    • Max : 8 people/class
  • YU-YU class

    • Classes for seniors (From age 60)
    • Low intensity lessons for fun
    • Tennis experience required
  • Women's tournament class

    • Mainly game practice focused on women’s doubles formation strategies
    • Max: 6 people/class
  • RALLY class

    • Classes focused on rallying with coaches and other customers
    • Recommended for rally practice
    • Max: 6 people/class
  • Flexible-time class/Beginner flexible-time class

    • Flexible scheduling
    • 12 or 13 lessons/semester as well as regular classes
  • 6 flexible-time class

    • Flexible scheduling
    • 6 lessons/semester
  • Middle/High school student's class

    • Learning strategies to win a game using all the effective shot patterns
    • Coach approval required
  • PARENT-CHILD class

    • Classes for parents and children
    • Great for enjoying parent-child time

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Class Fees

Application Fee


Class Fees

Class Lesson
Schedule Monthly
Adult Regular
middle school)
Beginners 80 mins. Weekdays ¥11,000
Weekends ¥11,880
Advanced 80 mins. Weekdays ¥14,520
Weekends ¥15,708
Formation 80 mins. Weekdays PM ¥15,708
YU-YU 60 mins. Weekdays PM ¥11,440
Women’s tournament 80 mins. Weekdays PM ¥16,808
RALLY 30 mins. Weekdays PM ¥5,720
Flexible-time 80 mins.
All day ¥16,808
Beginner flexible-time 60 mins. All day ¥12,848
6 flexible-time 80 mins. All day ¥9,460
Junior Regular
Age 4 to 15 50 mins. Weekdays ¥9,240
Weekends ¥9,900
(Age 2 to 4 & Parents)
40 mins. Weekdays ¥9,680
Weekends ¥10,428
Middle/High school students 80 mins. Weekdays ¥14,520
  • Including tax
  • 3 months/semester, 12 or 13 classes
  • The monthly fee above is for 12 classes per semester. The fee will increase for 13 classes.

Class Fee Discount

Family discount ¥1,100 off/month
Multiple classes discount

¥2,200 off/month

Middle school student discount ¥2,200 off/month
High school student discount ¥1,100 off/month
  • Including tax
  • 50% off for the 6 flexible-time class and the short classes (60 mins. or less)
  • 6 flexible-time class is excluded from school student discounts.

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M2 9:30~10:50 Adult regular class
M3 11:00~12:20
A1 12:30~13:50 Adult regular class/Special class
A2 14:00~15:20
A3 15:30~16:50
JA 16:05~16:55 Junior class
JB 17:00~17:50
JC 18:00~18:50
N1 19:00~20:20 Adult regular class/Special class
N2 20:30~21:50 Adult regular class
N3 22:00~23:20
N4 23:30~24:50


MJ 7:00~7:50 Junior class
M1 8:00~9:20 Adult regular class
M2 9:30~10:50
M3 11:00~12:20
A1 12:30~13:50
A2 14:00~15:20
A3 15:30~16:50
JB 17:00~17:50 Junior class
JC 18:00~18:50
N1 19:00~20:20 Adult regular class
N2 20:30~21:50
N3 22:00~23:20
  • Opening classes change depending on the day of the week.

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Do you have classes for beginners?

Yes, of course. Beginners can also enjoy tennis at our school!

Can I take a tour of the facility? Can I take a trial lesson?

Yes, both are available at our school. You don't have to make a reservation for your visit. You can visit us anytime during business hours. One trial lesson is available per person. Please make your reservation by e-mail or by phone.

What should I bring for the trial lesson?

Please bring workout clothes, a towel, and a drink. You can use our rackets and tennis shoes for free. If you bring your own tennis shoes, please prepare them for indoor use. We recommend all-court or carpet court shoes.

What should I bring to apply?

To apply, please prepare the following items:

  • Application fee (6,600 Yen including tax)
  • Class fee for a month
  • Bank cash card or passbook and bank registered seal for payments
  • IC card (Suica or Pasmo)
  • Your IC card will be your membership card. If you don't have one, you can get one here for 500 Yen.
  • Mobile Suica, mobile PASMO are unacceptable.
How long is one semester?

One semester is three months long. One semester has 12 or 13 weeks, depends on the semester. You can apply in the middle of a semester as well.

Is it possible to reschedule a lesson?

If you contact us prior to your lesson, you can reschedule within the same semester. A separate fee will be charged for the following cases:

  • Last-minute cancelations
  • Rescheduling 5 or more times within a semester
  • Rescheduling to an upgraded-class
Can I change classes during the semester?

You can change classes by the 20th of the first month in the semester. After the 20th, you may not change classes. Class changes for the following semester are accepted from the end of the second month.

Do you have a nursery room?

Yes. Our certified staff will take care of your children during classes.

  • It’s free for the first child. A fee will be charged from the second child onward.
  • There are certain hours where this service is unavailable.
Do you have locker rooms and showers?

Yes, we have both men’s/women’s locker rooms and shower rooms. The lockers may be used free of charge.

Do you have a parking lot?

There is a parking lot next to our facilities. Please be aware that the parking lot can be crowded.

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15 minutes on foot
from Higashi-Kanagawa Station on the JR Keihin-Tohoku and the Yokohama Line
or from Keikyū Higashi-Kanagawa Station on the Keikyū Line

15-6 Yamanouchicho, Yokohama Kanagawa-ku, Kanagawa, 221-0054, Japan

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